Train To Save...

Recently as a part of our routine medical curriculum, it is mandatory for all of us to undergo training in BLS (basic life support) and ACLS (advanced life support). In simple terms, these two courses allow us to learn the basic skills of saving a person who has suffered from cardiac arrest (heart stops suddenly). I attended the 3- day course conducted by American heart association.

We got good hands on training for CPR, airway management, heimlich manoeuvre etc. All that we were taught was something of utmost necessity for saving the life of a person/ atleast increase the chances of survival. The best part about BLS course is that it is so lucid and easily understandable that it doesnt actually need a person to possess any sort of medical background at all. anyone can acquire the knowledge and the skills!
YES!!! Anyone anywhere CAN recognise cardiac arrest and start resuscitation!!!!

The average time it takes for a patient to reach hospital in India by an ambulance is definitely north of an hour. The precious time which is THE MOST crucial and ‘golden period’ of resuscitation is lost in traffic blocks and behind honking cars!

Imagine if you had the capacity to start treatment on the spot and even before the patient was shifted to a hospital…. If you had the capacity to diagnose a person who is chocking on a foreign body in his throat and knew just the right manoevre to take it out? what if you knew that you possess the potential of saving someone’s life?!!! Recently I came across a video of a dog being trained for CPR. I was in awe after seeing the little guy jump and perform cardiac resuscitation and even wait and assess for breathing! It was genuinely amazing to see how well trained he was!

Lastly, just one sentence keeps ringing my mind-